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Looking for someone capable of managing your social media profiles? Then you’re in the right place! Social media has taken over the world and we are taking over social media!

We can play with your profiles not only as classic performance marketers in managing advertising, but also as content specialists in creating and planning content – content marketing. We’ll prepare image, text or video content for your posts and ads, or you can supply it yourself. It’s up to you. If you don’t have a communication and marketing strategy, we’ll design it and prepare a post plan for publishing your posts. With Sonet Studio, you won’t go wrong!

We take care of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and TikTok. For more visually focused brands, we use content and paid advertising mainly on Instagram and TikTok. For text-based posts – articles and blogs, Facebook and LinkedIn are more appropriate.

Now we are mainly focused on creating reels. Reels are an increasingly in-demand post type due to their reach and it really pays to include reels in your Instagram and TikTok feed.

In addition to content, we’ll also take care of community management – that is, replying to messages and responding to comments. Social media management takes time and it’s not always advisable to do everything yourself. Professionalism, credibility and consistency of profiles are important. So take good care of your networks or hand them over to the pros. Us! That’s the only way to win new customers and keep existing ones.

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