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Strategic marketing

in B2B

How is your company’s marketing? Do you have a solid marketing foundation or does your marketing look more like chaos and anarchy? If your company is not on a solid foundation, we can help you build a solid marketing foundation!

What can we help you with?

Analysis of the current state of the company


Analysis of the customer and their purchase journey


Marketing strategy


Action planning


Optimisation of products and services


Training, mentoring and advisory


Supervision in the company

It takes a plan!

Our clients are small and medium-sized companies, holding companies and start-ups offering their products and services to companies and entrepreneurs (B2B segment). Corporate strategy for this type of companies does not have to be a multi-page elaboration. We can fit it into a few pages, which is exactly what you need for quick action and clear results!

What we bring to your company:

We’ll send someone to your team to help you with everything. We’ll always work with your current situation. If you already have a marketing team, we’ll use their potential. If you’re short of people, we’ll evaluate whether it’s worth expanding your team or supplementing it with an outsourced marketing agency. We will set up the necessary processes and help you choose the right tools to execute your strategy.

Our role in your strategic marketing

Our role is to strategically manage and project-coordinate your company’s marketing until your marketing sits right and all processes are settled. We can then continue to work together in the same vein, or after transferring all knowledge and experience, we can act as a mentor for your company and your team. We can also help you with supplier selection or tendering.

The way we work together will always be about individual agreement and your actual need!

Why work with us?

Turnkey services

Business owners say that we are great to work with not only because of our responsive communication, but because of our ability to accommodate all needs. The key is to have a good project brief, and we will work together to fine-tune this to ensure that the result is perfect.


A huge advantage of our studio is the multipotentiality of our CEO, who also takes care of our clients and carefully oversees each project. He is also a great consulting partner for your projects. And thanks to our many specialists, we have overlap in several fields.


By working with us, you get a great and professional partner for digital transformation and management of your business projects. We are a group of highly experienced professionals and we are happy to help you with your digital worries.

Come with us!

Build your business on a stable foundation!

Arrange a FREE 20-minute initial online consultation. We’ll get straight to the point – clearly and practically. Further consultations are charged at an hourly rate of 4 200 CZK excluding VAT and are payable in advance.

Consultation prices

1 hour

via Google Meet

4 200 CZK

Half-day marketer

On-line or by agreement
in person in Prague

12 400 CZK

One day marketer

On-line or by agreement
in person in Prague

21 000 CZK

All prices are without 21% VAT.


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