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Websites and E-shops development

Do you need a design and functional website or E-shop to attract potential customers and sell your services or goods? You’re in the right place! We are in web design like fish in water. And a good website can increase the performance of your online marketing up to ten times!! And what kind of websites do we make?

What can we help you with?

www development


E-shops development


Web design | identity site


SEO - Search Engine Optimization


Website customization


Content creation


Connecting to third-party services


Maintenance and management

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Presentation websites and service websites

The web is the digital business card and shop window of every company. Our most frequent clients are small and medium-sized companies, holding companies and start-ups that need to shine their digital shop window.

We build websites tailored to the needs and requirements of the company. With hundreds of WordPress web templates and web builders, we can offer not only great speed, but also excellent design (feel free to build a template from scratch) and price!!!


Our job is not just to set up an e-shop in Shoptet or Upgates, although we do that very often. These boxed e-commerce platforms offer a lot of features and building such a store doesn’t take long and is cheap.

However, we build more advanced and very technical e-shop solutions in Woocommerce, where the whole structure can be designed exactly according to the customer’s wishes. This is for us the best way to a fully functional and design online store. Besides, we can program any website in javascript, but this is more suitable for web and mobile applications. WordPress can handle any website and Woocommerce can handle any e-shop.

The way we work together will always be about individual agreement and your actual needs!

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Do you want your own web design and long-term web management?

We can play with the web design of your website or E-shop and the entire visual identity of your website so that it doesn’t just fit in and is memorable for your customers.

We can arrange not only the creation of professional custom websites, but also the long-term management of your website. With our digital studio, you definitely won’t go wrong!

SEO & Content

Do you want to appear in the top positions in internet search results? Then don’t forget about SEO, or search engine optimization!! A website without SEO is like a car without gasoline on Google. You can find more about our SEO services in the next section.

The icing on the cake of our cooperation can be the complete content creation for your website. If you don’t have time to think up content for your website or e-shop – create texts, product descriptions, take photos and videos, make graphic documents, we can prepare all these documents ourselves according to your specifications.

Yes. So great to work with us!!

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