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Do you need a music jingle for your video or a short radio jingle? Then don’t hesitate to contact us! That’s what we do.

What can we help you with?

Musical jingles


Advertising jingles


App sounds


Background music




Video game music

Anthem of Notářská komora ČR

by Sonet Studio | 2023

Music jingle or advertising jingle?

What’s the difference? Hardly any. A commercial jingle is a type of musical jingle used in a promotional video or audio spot. We can do both, of course.

We compose and record music jingles for trailers, news reports or explainer videos. We compose advertising jingles for promotional videos and bumpers. We can also do more extensive work for video games, including sounds and motions, or an entire soundtrack for a film. We compose background music for vloggers who don’t want music from an audio bank.

Do you crave originality?

Then ditch the music from the audio banks and go the way of your own, easily recognizable theme music! If you crave originality, i.e. music that’s all your own, we can give you full and exclusive license to the track you create.

We compose to suit the customer’s ideas and style. Our genres range from pop songs to modern electronic music to cruel metal or hardcore punk. We can’t play brass, but we have done orchestral jingles with 20 instruments!!

The way we work together will always be about individual agreement and your actual needs!

Come with us!

Be among the first in the Czechia to have your own sound!

Specify your intention, give us your ideas and write everything down in an email. Or call our CEO first and arrange a project consultation. 30 min. project consultation is always free!


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