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Website optimization

Not showing up in Google search results? Then you don’t have a search engine optimized website! With us, you will be able to get your website on the first positions in search!!

What can we help you with?

Technical site analysis


Keyword analysis


Search engine optimization


On-page and off-page optimization




SEO and PR articles

Be among the first in internet searches!

Users in the Czech Republic enter approximately 20,000 queries into the Google search engine every minute. Be where your services are being searched for. If you don’t show up on Google, then you need to properly optimize your website for internet search engines. With proper optimization, your website will start to move up.

How to do it?

First of all, write to us and include a link to your website. It always starts with an SEO analysis. From there, we’ll bounce the subsequent optimization.

How does it work?


Technical website analysis


Keyword analysis


Optimization of on-page factors


Optimization of off-page factors


Linkbuilding and SEO article publishing


Analytics and regular reporting of results

SEO analysis and site audit

First of all, let’s take a look at your website. We will thoroughly analyze its technical status, UX design, speed, responsiveness, functionality and compile a summary report and a list of recommendations. We then perform a keyword analysis and prepare a document for its implementation.

The way we work together will always be about individual agreement and your actual needs!

Google Search Console - indexace webu


After all the analyses have been performed, we have in our hands the basis for the subsequent optimization of the website for internet search engines and we can get started. First of all, we will fix the website. That is, if it makes sense and there is no need to build the site again. This often happens. Don’t count on the fact that a 15 year old website can be optimized. Or rather, it’s not worth it.

We then implement keywords in the right places on the site, set the meta data and play with the content. We’ll set up your Google Search Console tool and index the site. Once the on-page factors are set, we’ll get to work on off-page SEO.

Google Search Console výsledky zobrazování webové stránky

Articles and linkbuilding

So-called off-page SEO is all about linkbuilding, which is an important part of any SEO strategy. Its goal is to improve the authority and visibility of your website in search engines. Based on the outputs of the keyword analysis, we will not only write optimized articles for your blog, but also SEO articles for external magazines and websites that will link to relevant parts of your website. That’s what linkbuilding is all about!! With a well thought out publishing plan, we will fill the internet with links to your website. In our database we have a lot of Czech blogs and professional online magazines.

In short, we create content that works!

The sooner you ask us, the sooner you will be visible on Google!!

Come with us!

Move up to the top positions in search!

Specify your intention, give us your ideas and write everything down in an email. Or call our CEO first and arrange a project consultation. 30 min. project consultation is always free!


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