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Printing and production

Whatever we print, imprint, stick or spray. Small and giant formats in large and small quantities. We are the right people for print. See for yourself!!

What can we help you with?

Offset and digital printing


Large-format and small-format printing


Advertising materials and items production


Company printed materials


Art & design


Imprinting and sticking



sazba magazinu a navrh layoutu

We print mainly in bulk!

We will prepare the documents for printing to the required dimensions and formats, prepare quality print data to ensure the best quality of the final print.

We do classic digital printing in high quality or super quality offset printing. We produce printed materials of all kinds – small format and large format.

Most often we do the following for companies:


business cards and leaflets


posters, signs and banners


company publications, brochures and catalogues


books, notebooks and diaries


billboards, bigboards and megaboards


postcards, magnets and calendars


roll-ups, flags, fly wings

If you’re looking for the highest quality printing, you’ve come to the right place!

design vizuálmní identity keramických hrníčků a konviček na merch pro kavárnu

We can print, stick or spray paint anything!

We’ll print your products on merch from t-shirts to ceramics. We can print paper, plastic, canvas, ceramics and anything else you can think of. In addition to digital printing, we also do screen printing and flexographic printing. We produce and install decals for company windows, shop doors or even company cars. We can airbrush where conventional printing or printing is not technically possible. So we can get your company motifs and logos everywhere you can think of!! New among our services is engraving on wood and metal.

Art prints

In addition to promotional prints, we also do artistic printing of paintings on quality painter’s canvases or printing of design posters on quality poster paper. We offer several different materials and weights.

Here the way we work together will be very individual!!

Mucha - grafická úprava a tisk plakátů
design produktu na merch

Do you have promotional items? Can we see them?

Such a cherry on the cake, which does not cost a lot of money but has its effect, are company promotional materials and various gifts that will attract your clients and customers. But beware of kitsch or completely unnecessary crap that your customer will throw away and may even be discouraged!! That’s where your money is going and none of it! Example: Do you offer financial advice and give your clients a tape measure with your logo as a gift? That’s wrong!!

We will help you choose the right materials for your type of business!!! And remember, these materials don’t just have to be for your clients, but for your employees as well. They should have value and be useful for everyone.

The most common things we do for businesses are:


company T-shirts and uniforms


pencils and pens


diaries, calendars, notebooks, document folders


flash drives, thermal cups, umbrellas, sunglasses


corporate chocolates and confectionery


and hundreds other items ...

Now, look out! We can print cheaply, quickly and with high quality. But you have to choose! The combination of all three is somehow unrealistic. What’s fast and high quality won’t be the cheapest. What’s cheap. and fast, it’s not gonna be the best quality… and so on. I think you get the idea. In most cases, we can do anything we can see in front of our customers. Our prices are almost unbeatable also because we cooperate with about 60 Czech, Polish and German printers.

The way we work together is very individual. We have an individual and above-standard approach to each order and client. Do not hesitate to contact us!!

Come with us!

Print in bulk in the highest quality with us!

Specify your intention, give us your ideas and write everything down in an email. Or call our CEO first and arrange a project consultation. 30 min. project consultation is always free!


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