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Are you familiar with the concept of sound branding and do you know what sound branding is good for? Yes? Then you probably already know what you need. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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Sonic branding, sound branding or sonic brand identity is very important for any major brand that is serious about it! It’s not just advertising jingles, it’s also brand jingles, brand logos, background music in videos, melody, rhythm, mood of the whole sound, as well as the sounds of apps, programs and operating systems. It can also be the sound of a car engine, the sound of a door closing or music playing in a bank branch. In short, anything you hear in association with a particular brand. We have no competition in the Czech Republic. So if you are looking for sound branding for your brand, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Sounds influence us, they have a great impact on our emotions and mood. Sound is also an excellent memory trigger and the brain can process it very well. Sound branding and visual identity complement each other and the two parts of a brand identity should be in harmony. What do you do when an unreadable commercial starts on TV or YouTube? You look at your phone or somewhere else. You simply take your eyes off the screen and the visual of the ad loses meaning. But the advertising jingle still remains in your ears and continues to affect your subconscious. In the end, you remember the brand anyway.

The background music of a video has a great impact on a person’s perception and often stays in their ears long after the video is finished. The sounds of the video together with the visuals co-create the atmosphere of the video and influence the mind of the person. You can read more about sound branding here.

Sound branding also increases brand loyalty, customer loyalty and brand awareness. Often, thanks to the sound in a video, you can say very little and the closing jingle will take care of the rest. Just equip yourself with Mekac, Windows or a phone operator. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information about specific opportunities for your brand!

sound branding pro firmy a značky
Anthem of Notářská komora ČR

by Sonet Studio | 2023


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