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sound brand identity

Are you familiar with the concept of sound branding or brand identity? And do you know what it’s good for? Yes, it’s about sound, music and tones. And composing and producing them is our thing!

What can we help you with?

Sound brand identity


Sound logo


Brand jingles


App sounds


Original sound design



What is it then?

Sonic branding, sound branding, even accoustic branding – all of these terms refer to a brand’s sonic identity. It is a special marketing discipline that is not yet widespread in the Czech Republic. It is very important for any major brand (especially foreign) that is serious about the market! It is not only advertising jingles, but also brand jingles, brand logos, background music in videos, melody, rhythm, mood of the whole sound, as well as sounds of applications, programs and operating systems. It can also be the sound of a car engine, the sound of a door closing or music playing in a bank branch. In short, anything you hear in association with a particular brand.

Why include audio in your marketing?

Sounds affect us, they have a great influence on our emotions and mood. Sound is also an excellent trigger for memory and the brain can process it very well. Sound branding and visual identity complement each other and the two parts of brand identity should be in harmony. What do you do when a commercial starts on TV or YouTube? You look at your phone or somewhere else. You simply take your eyes off the screen and the visual of the ad loses meaning. But the advertising jingle remains in your ears and continues to influence your subconscious. Moreover, it stays in your ears long after you finish watching the video!! That’s how sound works!

The way we work together will always be about individual agreement and your actual needs!

Hymna Notářské komory ČR

by Produkce: Sonet Studio | 2023

Why really go for it?

Sound branding has the power to increase brand affinity, customer loyalty and brand awareness. Often, the sound in a video clip is enough to say very little and the closing jingle takes care of the rest. Just equip yourself with Mekac, Windows or a phone operator. Sound has a mysterious power, it influences the emotions and minds of your customers!!

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